Sunday, January 11, 2015


Poor Pittsburgh not being one of America's cosmopolitan cities it gets a bad rap
But it shouldn't 
It has a lot to offer
It's a great place for someone that can't handle living in a large city like New York or L.A.
There is culture here
They seem to have a good Theater community
The food is interesting, like putting French fries on salads and in your sandwiches
The people are very, very friendly and welcoming (some) 
Diversity??? Not a lot the people born and raised here seem to stay their whole lives
They don't venture away from the "Burgh" and if they do.......
They seem to come back

Remember, I'm a hairdresser
I'm talking to the mainstream and listening to their stories
Their very Proud of this city!

Don't rub them the wrong way!
If they have to and you piss them off
They won't hesitate to throw you in one of the three rivers here (just teasing) 

Welcome to Pittsburgh 
Photos by: David DiCello

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