Thursday, January 15, 2015


 When I first moved to New York I didn't date right away
I was only focused on my career and getting acclimated to my new lifestyle. 

I was also nurturing a broken heart 
There were plenty of men very interested in me but I just wasn't ready 

Maybe a year into my new city life I meet someone that had caught my attention
The Boy from Queens..... 
That's who

He was tall
And sinfully handsome
He was also of Latin descend 
Which I like because American men 
Have nooo idea how to romance you!

Latin men are very intune with being romantic, very attentive to their women's needs
And that's what I was looking for
Someone to sweep me off my feet

He was also a "native" New Yorker!
Divorced like me
He had a son my sons ages
Like me he had been married for a long time
We both were the same age
We had a lot in common 
And hit it off as friends real quick 

The Boy from a queens would take weekends showing me around Queens and parts of The Boroughs I had never seen   

He also showed me the New York City nightlife!
I'm talking Latin dance clubs !!!
Sexy, hot, out of this world dance clubs!!

Eeewwwhhh, could he salsa!!
Me, well I'm a white girl
I white girl dance

We dated for a few months
And he could tell that my heart wasn't in it
And we talked and he went away for awhile.....

There would be increments that I wouldn't hear from him and I knew...
He was most likely dating someone 

But then he would contact me out of the Blue with some beautiful words 
He has this uncanny habit of texting me early in the morning with some beautiful love poem or soft kind hearted words 
and he new he was bringing a smile to my face 
He always loved my Blue eyes 
So he will always make a loving text with something to say about my blue eyes

He's good looking and immensely charming and one day some lucky girl will win his heart and he will be gone forever......

But for now.....
I'll let The Boy from Queens 
Message me beautiful love poems
Or a text that says, "Good morning beautiful when are you coming home to me?!" 

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