Friday, January 9, 2015


What us hairstylist do on a daily bases is not to be taken lightly 
Truth is....
What we do affects our clients (or now the new term, "Guests")
Mental health more than their self-image
And nothing affects a humans self-image more than their hair

As a hairdresser,  lets think about how on a daily bases we profoundly 
Affect the lives of our clients/guests

How many of us take for granted what we do as we stand behind that chair
How many of us really think about what they do???

As a stylist I can take you from Heaven to Hell in a matter of a few snips!

This is why a consultation is sooo important

Lately, some of my consultations have me looking like I just saw a Ghost!
Lately I've seem to be getting all the crazies out of the closet
Guests asking for things I'm just not able to do unless I tape that picture to their forehead 
My comb, some of you forget is not a magic wand

I wish it was
For if I was in charge of the Fountain of Youth
I would sooo be living in some exotic location

What we do sooo matters

Trying to make sooo many personalities happy in one day
You might think your Houdini 

Nothing affects a humans self-image more than their hair

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