Sunday, January 18, 2015


I turned 50 yesterday
It's hateful! I'm not going to lie
I feel like half my life is over and I haven't accomplished anything I really wanted to 
Whoever invented that?!

I'm old enough to be someone's mother!
Oh, that's right I am

I get called mam
That's just hateful

I don't know how to dress
If I buy at Forver 21 do I look ridiculous 
But I hate dressing matrenally 
And shopping at Talbots or Chicos is a dread
Plus I hate the clothing

I don't fit in at this age! 
I'm too old for some
And too young for others
I've lost my way

Another thing.....
My whole life, I've never found Love
Yes, N E V E R 
I've always been attracted to shitty men who do me wrong
That's my problem not theirs
So after I got divorced and once again I put a "Prince Harming" in my life 
I knew there was a change up needed
I knew I had to go deep inside of myself and find out why I was settling for these lame ducks

May my future on finding "True Love" be more successful the second time around
And in the next coming years
Till then....
I'm just going to do my thing
Stay focused on my bucket list
Live, laugh and be happy with myself
I've removed all Toxic people from my life
Moved away
Started a new life
It was the best thing I could've ever done

Next on my list....
A college degree!
Ice skating

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