Wednesday, January 14, 2015


After getting a divorce it's best to take a step back from the Love seen and get yourself fixed
Yes, I'm a HUGE believer in therapy!
We all carry around some sort of emotional  baggage or trauma from our childhoods or whatever
Please take time to have that EPIPHANY and realize your downfalls
I know exactly what mine are

My first one is I never finished college
So that's one thing amongst a million on my bucket list 

My second......

All my life I've been attracted to the wrong men!
I'm always attracted to the guy that wants a mommy or a purse(money)
Well, first I'm Already a mother
I don't want to be babysitting a grown little boy

Most of my exes are all men who are emotionally, financial or socially needy
All their partners are fulfilling one or all of these needs

I know through therapy this is a formula for relationship disaster
Thus the developing relationship is unbalanced or dysfunctional from the start
And the probability of dependency and dysfunction going forward is very high
If not disasterious 
But these men are all delusional, co-dependents
And without having a life Epiphany and therapy are looking for yet another
Disasterious ending

After the end of any long term relationship
Take some time to get yourself right or fixed first
And then move on

I never treated any of you like a Dog
You were always free to use your Free will

Woof Woof

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