Thursday, January 15, 2015


Why is New Years Eve sooo aweful when your single
Ya all the guy friends just can't replace having that connection with your special someone
Where you alone in a crowd this past New Year's Eve?
I was
There I was, in the middle of the most exciting place in the world
And as that Ball came down and allll the couples started to kiss
I walked away.......
I walked away from my friends and headed straight down Broadway
As I past by familiar stores that I go to a sadness feel upon me.....

As I thought to myself
Am I going to be alone for the rest of my life?

There I was.....
Alone on New Years Eve
Another holiday
Another year
A tear rolled down my face
as I wiped it away
I tried to think about all my blessings 
But on this night, I was failing to 

It was freezing cold and as I hurried to find a place any place to grab a drink and get warm
Every couple in the universe were hugging and kissing

Looking back, I realized I never found my special someone
All my friends seem so happy in their marriages 
All my girlfriends who got divorced the same time I did were already re-married or in a committed relationship
Love seemed to had found all us wounded warriors

Except me........

Is this how it ends?

I have a Huge Birthday coming up this weekend and I'm not happy about it
I want a redo on my life!
I want to go back and get another chance
I would do everything soooo much different!!

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