Thursday, November 21, 2013


It's a connection
Yes, believe it or not, it's like a great first date, blind date to be exact
Great first date's, great first impression's
Spark lasting relationships

it's like having that blind date
You have never met this person before
He show's up in his pick up truck that he uses for his job
OH My! you might exclaim to yourself
The first impression has started already
You think to yourself, maybe I should drive
You decide it might be fun to go into the work truck, "Oh what the hell"
He takes you to some hillbilly restaurant
But listen, if this is your speed this all ok!

Or, he pick's you up in his 3 series BMW
wines & dines you at a 5 star establishment

What it comes down to is the connection!
Maybe Mr. pickup truck tousles your hair wwaayy better
than Mr. BMW
Maybe pretty boy Mr. BMW has all the bells and whistle but stinks at doing your hair

Ok, seriously here some tips on a great consultation with a new stylist

The stylist should ask you these questions:
What do you like or dislike about your hair?
When was your last haircut or color?
What was your favorite style you have ever worn?(please don't tell me that 1965 look)
What do you do to your hair on a daily bases?
What products do you use?
Do you wash and blow dry ever day?

Last but not least, your stylist needs to LISTEN to what you say!!
the biggest  reason a client leaves a salon and they are not happy with their hair
is because lack of communication between the stylist and the client
If  you and the stylist are NOT connecting....
excuse yourself politely and leave
Its ok, really it is
In my career I didn't connect with everyone that has sat in my chair!
And I consider myself the "Julie McCoy" of the salon industry

The stylist needs to hear you
understand your vision
you both need to be on the same page
if not leave

In return you also need to listen to professional advice
We have the education
just because your Aunt went to beauty school for a month
doesn't qualify her as professional
We have studied this
and now a days we have studied this down to it's core

If the doctor says "Here is a prescription use this"
you don't second guess him
You take it, fill it, and use it
Same thing
with your stylist
We are the Artist, the doctors of hair, so take our advice

Did you know, in Europe a dentist is not considered a doctor???
NOOO, their considered technician

Last but not least, whenever you walk into someone's business
you should be warmly greeted and loved
Never do you want to walk into anyone's business and be greeted
by condescending bitch, snot-nose attitude

This about a connection
a warm friendly, kind, caring connection
sometimes this is the stylist for the rest of your life

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