Saturday, December 28, 2013


We buried my dad today 
It's the hardest thing you have to do

Bury a parent
One more gone
And I'm an orphan

What I'm really upset about
Is the people that never acknowledge
My fathers passing at all!!!

Like my sister said.....
" Do you really expect anything less
From idiots"

It's shouldn't matter if you haven't talked 
To friends, acquaintances etc....
In years
Have some class  and acknowledge 
Someone's passing

Tonite I will clean house on Facebook!!!

People's TRUE colors are scary
Effn losers!!!

And of coarse, ALL my NYC FRIENDS
were there for me!!
Because they are all sooo family oriented

Once again the disappointment comes 
From the "Po-Dunk" stupidity
They just live in this narcissistic bubble 
Where if it isn't affecting them fuck it

I plan on reciprocating the same behavior 
In the future for ya'll

BIT ME!!!!

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