Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Yes, I am a Badass
That's why I fit into
The world of hairdresser's

It is my lot in life to be a Badass

It's not like I intentionally 
Do this on purpose 
It's just
I am WAY tooooo
Far out spoken for the folks
In suburbia America

In New York.....
All is good
That's why they are sooo
My people
They think like I do

All of us in the city
All struggling to define ourselves

That damn city exhuming 
Sooo much energy
Pushing us all
Saying to us.....

Do it!!
You are great
Now get out there
And create your greatness

It's just sooo awesome 

Now, for the New Year....
Stop doubting yourself
Start living the life you want to live
That's exactly what I plan to do

I didn't get divorced to sit around 
The effn house and bake brownies
Hell, I'm a great baker!!

No, I left because I new I deserved 
Sooo much more out of life
Than what I was getting

I deserved the freedom
To find me
Be the person I always dreamed 
Of being

Wait to you see what's in store
For me in the New Year!!!!
I'm sooo excited!!!

It was all do to fate
14yrs ago an Angel would walk into
My salon

Lets just say.....

Two shall be born....
The whole wide world apart
And have no thought each 
Of the others being

And these same two shall meet


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