Sunday, December 7, 2014


Getting older is dreadful
In January I will hit the most dreadful birthday in my  life!
The Big......
Ya! That one 

I don't feel that age 
I definitely know I don't look that age
But it's a terrible time in a girls life

At this age you seem to have become a misfit
You get called "Mame" 
Your old enough to be a twenty something's mother! 

Like try half the chicks you work with

Yes! You, your old enough to be their mother!
How horrible

Let's talk Fashion at this age....
You don't want to wear anything maternally like that aweful Talbots store or Chicos yet.......
Forever 21, H&M, Aeropostale etc....
Is too young

Although I'm petite and tiny so I fit into that stuff

God! I found myself looking at sweaters in the little girl section this morning of JcPenny!
They were exactly what I wanted
And I hate to tell you this.....
They would've fit!
I caught myself and when I finally came back to Earth I was furious at myself for almost buying that sweater 
Yes! It would've fit!

There are some positives about being this age
I'm fiercely independent, confident and like who I have evolved into
Yes, I like the shoe that I wear right now
Right of passage sort of thing 

The mistakes of my past  lay quietly 
And that's were they need to be
Behind me 
The pages of this girls book is turning forward

It's scary
Every comfort zone that has been put in front of me in the last five years I have broken 

I'm turning 50!

As I stand once more at the edge of my cliff I soon plan to jump
A free fall just like they jump from 
World Trade One

This next major jump 
I pray this time.....
Someone will catch me

What would Carrie Bradshaw say about turning 50!

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