Thursday, December 11, 2014


I've been looking around at people for the last few years
Getting divorced heightens your awareness to people and their behaviors
Oh don't worry my haters....
I'm quite aware of my own

Mine are the typical financial after divorcing a husband that could offer no financial support like other husbands have to do and leaving jobs to move from place to place 
I'm a hairstylist 
It's not something I recommend to be moving all the time
Our business just doesn't work like that
Who's career does?!

Anyway, back to life's Band aids 

I see a lot of people Band aiding their lives
We all need to heal our wounds
Or our patterns are going to just keep presenting themselves 

For example....
None of us divorcees are going to be able to give our children a stable life if we can't offer them or ourselves a comfortable financial life.

Most divorced women have support from an ex-husband if he's willing or not most men are honorable and do what's right for their ex-family

Some men don't 

Band Aids....

Band a Aids are worn by those who are forever in denial that they are broken and don't need to be fixed!

Band Aids are worn by those who continue their patterns and jump in and out of relationships hoping that one person is the answer to all their problems. 

Well if my partner can offer me money, status & image all my problems are fixed and all my exes can bit me! "Look at what I have" sort of attitude evolves.

Band Aid

One big Band Aid

After a long term marriage ends I sooo recommend for everyone get therapy, 
Therapy so you don't have to wear your Band Aids

Take time alone, find out who you are, heal, think about where you want to go in your knew life. What changes need to be made so you don't keep attracting the same kind of men or women 

Remove those patterns

Stop Band Aiding your life. 

It's liberating when the Band Aid comes off....
Trust me

The kids might actually want to be with you again! 

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