Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Yes! I know I'm a hairstylist!
But I do other things as well 
And anyway....
My indusrty has me sooo disgruntled
Left me drowning, I'm soo desperately looking, searching for the resurrection of good in 
This indusrty to revive me
Will it happen
Sooo sick of the "Know it alls" 
Whom are just dying themselves in their over inflated, low self-esteem egos
This business we use to make sooo much money and it use to be fun
I was proud to be a hairstylist
Now those days are gone
And all I see is everyone fighting
I'm not fighting you all...
I don't make enough to put up with hairdresser bullshit
If God is my witness, I'm not fighting anymore with any of you idiot hairstylist
Get a life
Your sooo not worth it

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