Tuesday, December 9, 2014


I don't even know where to start with this one
I'm far enough away from the beginning to look back and add humor to it
I'm very independent and when my 17yr marriage ended I had such high hopes for growth, achievement, happiness
I certainly had growth
Trying to figure out how to manipulate $200 a month child support to feed two boys certainly was an accountants worse nightmare!
Who the Hell can raise two children on that little amount?! 
I ask all of you??

Gee, I had some girlfriends getting anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000 a month 
But those were my GFS that were divorcing well educated, successful men

Let's talk about the fact I hadn't dated in over twenty years
And of coarse my first time out it was all nut jobs

The quiet secret amongst us 
All us divorced women
Is these men are divorced for a reason
All throwbacks from women who know longer wanted the dead beat

Rule of thumb to a divorced women
No good man is left go
Which leaves us with the misfit toy land men from Hell

And of coarse
Misfit toyland comes with it's problems 

The kids 
Most of us divorced women will let a man go if the kids really dislike him
As for our exes......
Ya right
Most men are co-dependent
Can't be alone
They could care less if the kids dislike her
The only good thing 
And fun thing 
Is we all hope our little sweeties
Give her the run for her money
And make her as miserable as she can be 

Especially the ones that have never had had children
We make sure they get the brunt of real co-parenting motherhood storm

Most single moms get each other 

I must say
I've been embarrassed to meet some of my men's ex-wives out of sheer ridicule knowing all the while behind my back she was sooo making fun of me 
Her and her girlfriends laughing their asses off at how unlucky I was to get her idiot and just wait till I find out what he's really like

Well GFS You should have called me with your MANFAX 
So laughing with you now

Yes, he certainly was a throwback 
And if you would've been honest with me you could've saved me a lot of energy and time 

Sooo laughing with you now

Yes, life of a divorcee can be quite entertaining
It also can be down right hateful

I use to like being married
I liked coming home to our family
I liked where we lived 
The sports 
The kids friends
I liked my house
I use to own a business

My life use to be familiar
Until I decided to jump off a cliff

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