Tuesday, December 9, 2014


I belong to a group
We are all survivors of narcissist abuse
Either from a parent, co-worker, friend or romantic relationship 
Mostly we were married to them or dated them 
Most of us were so damaged we are all struggling with PTSD 
Yes, that's not only referred to for military reasons
Anyone who survives some sort of trauma can be left with PTSD 
Being a hairstylist I get a lot of clients who tell me private heartfelt situations
I'm lucky to have a friend that is a professional clinical psychologist
From this point I can take some  private stories and receive professional advice
I then go back to that client or friend and guide them in the right direction
Here are a few letters from my support group
These are letters of survivors of Narcissist abuse
I believe in women supporting women
People supporting people
I was a victim of two narcissist
I would be the collateral damage
I spun my experience in the right direction 
I want all of you to know it takes a long time to get over this 
The humiliation of this unbelievable
Beyond any words
These letters are from the heart
And they are Truth
With permission
From real lives
Real letters

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