Monday, August 25, 2014


Once again
I'm going to rant and rave about my profession
Only a licensed cosmotologist should be able 
To own a salon

This is the only profession where you recieve an education
And recieve no respect
You should NEVER recieve minimum wage for standing
Behind your chair!


Take pride in what you do
Take pride in yourself

Let's get rid of the carpetbaggers
Flooding our profession and ruining our business

They just have noooo idea
What its like to stand behind our chair

The rest of you......
Stop giving your money to these "CHOP SHOPS"
Or anyone that owns a salon
That has noooo education
Never been to cosmotology school


Stay away from those salons
Where theres no licensed cosmotologist
Behind the helm

I don't show up at a hospital and start playing
Nurse or Doctor
Their also licesened by states
A teacher has a license

This profession needs some changes

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