Friday, August 15, 2014


The suburbian women is a different animal than a city gal
The biggest question I get standing behind the chair in suburbia Americana is.....
"I want something different for my hair, sassy, sexy, piecy"

Well, thats all well and good 
But its not reality with these chickas

In some fantasy land where all their husbands and BFs live
And project them to be......

Yes that land where they want their girl to b that sultry redhead
Bodacious brunette
Or that Hot Blonde


Suburbian American women live in this land
But their all wearing the famous "Mom" Bob
And when you try to take them into this fantasy hair land
They always figget, and fuss
And the next day their back to their boring, country club, mom bob!

Soooo many women in their 50's, 60's 70's
Have been wearing the same look for yrs and yrs
A change up is just hard if not impossible for them

May i suggest hair pieces and wigs my gals????
Thats what we do in NYC
they will never fall for this in suburbia
Their alllllll to worried about what everyone thinks

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