Monday, August 25, 2014


To me New York City 
Is a romantic hot spot 

Let's face it
When I arrived on the scene
Here in New York
I was mending a broken heart
This wonderful, magical place
Gave me a new outlook

I threw myself 100% 
Into my career when I set up shop here
It would take me down a road I could have 
Only imagined!

No I didn't become famous
And I never came to this city looking for that
Furtherst thing on my mind
I came here because like sooo many 
I to always dreamed of working and living here
Next to London or Paris
This is the place ever hairdresser wants to be

When I first started working here
I worked on 5th avenue
I worked for a very nice famous stylist
That charges $500 for a haircut
Wonderful, calm man
Beautiful salon

My life in mid-town 
Would lead me to discover Bryant Park
I would go there for lunch breaks
Or any breaks away from the high pressure of the salon

I would go for a beer a glass of wine
Or just to lay on the grass and wonder where 
My life was going.......
As I lay there the buildings surrounding Bryant Park
Are beautiful
Bank of America building is right there
I have a friend that works there on the trading floor

Winters are also beautiful at the park
Its romantic to sit there
Even alone (as I remain single to this day)
To sit there by the fire pit with a hot totty
And talk to the tourist from all over the world
The tourist always perk up when they discover
Their sitting with someone that actually resides in this
Fabulous place
Of coarse their main question is.....
"Whats it really like to live here?"
I of coarse dont disappoint their curiosity 
And simply say, "its enchanting"
As smiles come to their faces with pleasure of hearing 
What they wanted to hear
They to respond, "I would luv to live here"

Being one of my Top contenders of places to relax
Here in New York, Bryant Park is my favorite

It's romanticism is free
And it's accessible to everyone

Go, Go enjoy my Bryant Park

Bank of America building
Christmas shops

View from Bank of America

The fire pit

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