Friday, August 22, 2014


Some hairdresser's are just stupid
Those are the ones that give this wonderful business
It's bad image.......

Well, it's true and it needs to be addressed

My one friend works at one of the "chop shops"
That I would soooo like to see outlawed

We are the only indusrty where you get an education
And recieve minimum wage.....

Well Some of us wouldnt tolerate that
But all of you working at these corporate "chop shops"
Should just do a mass exit

No one with any sort of education should demoralize themselves
To the minimum wage life

If it was up to me
I would like to see the cosmetology field 
Go from a certificate to an Associate degree
Like with other trades
Culinary being one of them

This would get rid of those corporate hell holes
Stupid hairdressers tolerating that lifestyle
Yes, I understand its a paycheck
But then so is Walmart

Lets get rid of the Carpetbaggers in our indusrty
It should be only regulated to licensed professionals
If you never went to beauty school and never stood behind
The chair
You shouldnt be aloud to own a salon! 

Lack of knowledge 
Keep the carpetbaggers out!!

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