Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Today I'm going to discuss real quick.......
the dreaded Micro-managing Mothers
this interesting breed of clients makes us stylist give the famous "eye roll"
she is an amussing character
and in 2016 she's a force that, yes, us hairstylist have learned to shut down
and tune out
most of us will actually tell her to please return to the waiting area

She can be quite amussing......
arriving in true suburbia America housewife form
she's the girl who most likely is well educated yet uses none of her degrees
because she went to college to find a husband to take care of her for the rest of her pathetic,
unhappy, miserable married life.

So..... this is where this gal enters the salon and thinks she's going to boss yet....
someone else around
ain't happening with my tribe

If it's one thing one does not do......
and that's tell a hairdresser how to do their job!

This is Taboo.... NEVER ever do this to your stylist!

This women will even goes sooo far as to tell us how to cut the hair
Like she even knows herself.......
last week I had one mother even say to me, "Do you know what I mean and how to cut what I'm
I literally gave her the evil hairstylist look, that stairdown that we give when you know
you have pushed us over the beyond angry edge and are now going to be banished very quickly from
the salon....... FOREVER!

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