Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Like I was telling you.....
In the summer 2015 I started working for the Hottest blowout salon in New York.....

Alli Webb was the brainstorm behind the fun salon that I call home in New York
The company was started in Brentwood  Cally and when it hit the scene of Manhattan it became all the rage

There's now, I think, ten locations throughout the city. My home salon being Bryant Park.
The Bryant Park salon is lovely, the minute you walk in the door it's elegence beems at you.
everthing is white and exhumes feminity. The countertops are white marble, the mirrors are not in front of you like at your traditional salon, their behind you, but even the mirrors are suedo feminine.

The Bryant Park salon is the newest location in the city. And it sparkles like a new salon. It's just pretty.

Drybar is fun......  The first thing every girl is offered is a complimentary glass of champagne, wine, coffee or tea. Of coarse most gals go for the champagne.....

Theres a catalog of hairstyles you are to chose from and probably the most popular is called the Cosmo, I call it the now a days Farrah Fawcett hairstyle.

Girls from near and far come to our salon in Mid-town.

I have had clients from as far away as Australia tell me that on their NYC bucketlist was Central Park, the Highline and Drybar.

Celebrities do come in. They give us no trouble at all and always disappear back into the streets of NY as quietly as they came in.

It's our mainstream pretentious beotches that give us the most trouble as we blow dry behind our chairs.

It's the usual millenial, college educated, brown hair, pompous ass, unattractive, low self esteem chick opening her not so charming mouth.

Whats she beotching bout????

Who the hell knows?!

I'm not even sure who marries these disgruntled charmers, most likely some guy who went to some boring Law school and has no personality himself, with visions that the perfect wife come with a long list of fine crediantials, a staunch personality and the future micro-manager of his family. This sort of man is not looking to marry a Barbie or have a life filled with laughter and fun.He's looking for more shallow reasons to marry. Who will mommy, daddy approve of who will the family be impressed with and who his fraternity brothers will most certainly say behind his back, "What a shame, he married such an unattractive beotch!"

But, yes, I must say these are the girls giving us the run for our money..... or lack there of

I welcome you, to Bryant Park

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