Thursday, March 10, 2016


In the summer of 2015 I started working for the most popular blow out bar in the country.

I had returned to New York after a small fling with a United States Secret Service agent. This had taken me to one of our countries worse cities! Who the hell lives in Pittsburgh?! I suppose some do.....
but it's literally impossible to go from living in New York City to living in Pittsburgh! What was I thinking.

My exit from from this town was quick. I came home from work one afternoon and said, "I'm out of here!" I packed up my things and headed very quickly back east to my people.

The minute I walked through the doors of Port Authority Bus terminal and my feet hit the sidewalk of 8th Avenue I kissed the ground. There stood before me the famous New York Times building, and I knew I was home.

It was May of 2015 and I went on audition after audition searching for a salon that would be a good fit for me. A Russian friend whom I had worked for years earlier in the Village had heard I was back
in New York and gave me a call. They had opened another salon location and were looking for an American girl to be apart of their Upper West side staff.

Now, I have lived and worked in New York for the last ten years and knew this UWS salon situation
was not thrilling me.

The UWS is a totally different entity than the rest of the city. It's clean, quiet, has a suburbia American feel. There's a lot of liberal, conservative nuts in the UWS. After checking out my friends new location I was skeptical.  Don't get me wrong, the salon was gorgeous, but I wasn't feeling it.

Somehow I stumbled upon Drybar. My audition would take place in Tribeca. I was a seasoned hairstylist coming out of small town America. Us suburbia  Americans don't blow dry like these beotches from around the world!

let's just say..... I never challenge a Dominican girl to a blow dry throw down!!! I know I ain't winning.

I had three days of auditions. These people weren't messing around. On the third day I was told I had gotten the job and would return the following Monday for a week of training.

and the training would begin.

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