Saturday, August 31, 2013


I still dream of finding 
The luv of my life
Sad how I always attract
The frogs
But then
It's weird how my loser 
Frogs always seem to find
Someone else's frog

Anyway, I dream of 
One day finding
The guy that sooo 
Belongs with me

Happy, easy going
Well read
A jock
Luvs sports
Luvs my kids
Not abusive in any way
I had that
It broke me
Let these stupid other girls
Deal with my abusers
I'm free to find 
Someone way better 
Enjoy my leftovers

Anyway, I still dream
Like any girl
Or anyone
No one wants to spend 
A life alone

But I find myself
Looking at wedding dresses
Maybe it's a sign
Maybe around then next 
Bend of my life
The next corner I turn
There he will be

Till then
I won't settle anymore
For the trash 
The stupid, uneducated trash 
Enjoy your pathetic lives!!
I'd much rather be alone

Here's a dress that I 
Think is sooo 
For me

Do you dream of true love
Someone that's good to you
I was abused!!!
I was verbally & mentally abused
And I still have hope
That there's good guys out there



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