Thursday, August 29, 2013


The latest craze in New York 
Hairdressing scene is "The Hot Scissors"
The Hot Scissors will put us stylist back
But don't fear, we will recoup our loss quit quickly with our haircut charge of $350

My Russian friends informed me
This is old!
" Oh please!" Was the reaction
We did this in Russia 10 years ago

Benefits of the Hot scissors
To seal the ends of the hair
To prevent split ends

But does it really work??
Than using my regular scissors??
So I researched what's going on with
This new craze

Here are the facts:

In the age of blow drying, coloring, and 
Hot tools split ends are rampant
Believe me, 
The women in New York with long
Hair are sporting inches of split ends
Just saying, 
Look, look at me
I have long unkept hair
Because I dont listen to the professional
Hairstylists advice

My "traditional" scissors which they 
Claim open the cuticle and leave the hair
Susceptible to environmental stress
That can cause frizz & dryness

Blah Blah Blah

The heat from the scisscors traps
In the moisture & protects the hair 
From damage

It will keep the cut looking 
Healthy for a few weeks
But my traditional scissors
Will do that???

And you still have to be consistent 
With your regular cuts

Do you feel it burn???
The heat on the scisscors
Can be as high as 310
The lowest 270
Highest heat used for coarse hair
Lowest heat used for fine hair
NOOO kidding...

The scissors works best on 
Fine, frizzy hair 
Because it smooths the ragged ends

Guess what NYC girls
You all should be getting 
Hot scisscors cuts
Because most of you
Have frizzy hair!!!

Now you know how to fix your
Look, get out there and do it
Enjoy the Hot Scissors
The solution to split ends

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