Thursday, August 29, 2013


I met a women the other nite
In my networking circles
I was somewhere and we 
Were introduced

Pretty lady
A little older than me
But she was a blonde
And a blonde girls age is always
Hard to figure out
Most blondes have a very youthful look

We hit it off 
She told me she was a writer
She's a famous writer!
But I won't reveal 

We start to share life stories
She wanted to know why 
I was in New York

I told her....

She then revealed to me
She had cheated on her husband 
And her boyfriend had cheated on his wife
They both cheated on their spouses
To be together 

My mouth dropped!!

She said karma had served her very
Well after this
Her boyfriend that she left her husband 
For then went and cheated on her!!!


My face must have went blank

She said
The people We hurt 
Our children, our spouses

It was terrible
Then to have him turn around
And do it to me.....
Ultimate betrayal

I hurt sooo many people
Is what she kept saying

I thought 
At least she has a conscious   

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