Wednesday, November 5, 2014


When you finally meet your soul mate it's liberating 
Finding someone who FINALLY understands you makes you feel like you've finally come home.
Home to a safe, loving, understanding environment. 

It's like sitting in that cozy comfy chair
Wrapped up in blankets

Well, Barbie finally has arrived to that state and her man wants her to have her dream home

Christmas morning arrived early for one gal
And it arrived with this dream package 
Could it get any better than this?!


This house will be built on a golf coarse so the loving couple can golf during fabulous warm summer days and at the foothill of a mountain so they can enjoy skiing and cozy winter fires sitting at the lodge 

Some Barbies have to wait awhile and kiss a lot of Kens till they find their perfect match

Barbie will certainly enjoy her Dream House

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