Monday, November 3, 2014


I'm going back to NY!
Who lives in this Hell hole?!

I don't want to buy a car
I enjoy riding the subway 
I hate riding the bus

I want to have access to culture & diversity

I want NYC to be my playground

I want to be able to get up in the morning and sit at some famous cafe

I want to walk the streets of Greenwich Village

I like all the theaters & Museums

I want to have all that International food at my fingertips

I don't want French Fries on my sandwiches 

I don't want to eat periogies  

I'm not even sure I like the Steelers!

I want to go to a Yankee game 

I want to see Eli Manning

I want to lay on the grass in Central Park and daydream the day away 

I want to go to Art shows, poetry readings, lectures at NYU or Columbia

I like romantic snowy nights as I walk down 5th Avenue or sit in Washington Square Park

I like shopping at the Limelight

I'm going home!!

I'm going home to New York!

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