Thursday, April 17, 2014


As I stand behind my chair I just do hair 
But that's not all I do
I'm a therapist as well
And everyone's talking
Talking about 
One thing

Love is a crazy thing
When all of us meet someone there needs to be a connection 
Most of us get it, a feeling that this person
We are just starting to date are the one we 
Have been waiting for all of our lives

After a few dates or a few weeks of dating 
One can usually tell quickly if this person 
Is a match for one self

Are there any "Red Flags" 
Are you having "Gut" feelings there's something just..... Off??

I think one thing in common we all have 
Is we all are looking for unconditional Love 

Not everyone is capable of this

Especially a #Narcissist 

They are sooo unavailable for healthy interaction  and this includes LOVE

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