Thursday, April 7, 2016


The Difficult client syndrome only occurs maybe the most three times a year.
You get that one douchebag that thinks his/her hair is that of something really special
And nooooo hairstylist on the planet EVER gets it right.....

Well listen up

This is the one way to get yourself Blackbawlded from any salon


Us hairstylist put up with very little drama

And if there is drama we want to be the ones creating it!

A thorough consultation is the only way to avoid this disaster

But then there's always the client that wants to always create trouble

Never come into any salon and play the stylist against each other!

In a TEAM salon environment we will nab that sh**** in the butt right away

In New York the foreigners always play a mean game and obviously were  never taught the meaning of team in their countries. Those stylist from poor third world countries have the attitude...
One for all and all for one!

But those of us that were trained in the best salon fashion houses on the planet understand the meaning of team

Back to the client....,

Yes, a good consultation is always the best approach
Repeating back to the client is another approach

If all else fails!
Record that dang pain in the a****
And hit replay when they call to complain!

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