Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Awhile ago I recieved some hate mail
It was sooo disturbing my close friends took it to the police
And it went to a private investigator
I also had contacts at other various Gov't agencies and they got on it
Now adays you can't expose yourself to these sort of things
As they were professionally analyzed the professionals profiled the mystery letter writer
And they now have narrowed it down to its offender
They want to know how I want to deal with this
I told the authorities I would like to make myself loud and clear
And I found this to be appropiate to send to the person full of hate
I was told in New York by a famous writer........
"A good writer gets a reaction"
And obviously thats what I did
Dear Letter writer, I feel sorry for you
Your hatred towards me is obviously stimulated by something
Whatever is going on with you, you need to deal with
But, I send you this message

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