Monday, September 1, 2014


I'm an advocate now against abuse
After the education I recieved in New York 
On all aspects of abuse
I now belong to support groups and try to pay it forward
People are confused to this day on the many avenues abuse comes in
Abuse is still hidden behind closed doors to the abuser
They want your silence.....
They make you out to be the "crazy" one
Don't be silent!
If someones abusing you speak loud and clear
I wrote a beautiful speech for one of my support groups the other day
So many were inspired by my words
We had to copy and hand out
Narcissuss abuse!
Are you that girl that comes into the salon and tells your hairdresser
"I have a note from my husband, he doesnt want you to do this to my hair"
Well, guess what......
Thats a "control" tactic
Thats abuse
Wake up!!!
Start studying narcissism...... NOW!!! 

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