Monday, June 23, 2014


I had writers block
For weeks I just couldn't bare to Blog
But I spoke to a friend who has a blog and has written many books
And said this happens to us all

I'm not in New York right now
I followed a man to his city
Yes, me, the gal that has been lecturing and blogging about
Being in healthy, respectful, non-abusive relationships
Has followed her man to his city
I tried to get him to transfer to New York but he just couldn't

He's in the secret service, and YES! I'm aloud to put that in print
I got permission to expose that detail but that was all I'm aloud to expose
He travels all over the world & goes on detail with the President when needed

I have never been interested in Obama or Michelle
They don't affect my life
And I know everyone says he's doing a horrible job
But their my age and I'm sure any of us given that position
Could only do our best
They seem to be great parents

Let me tell you some info on the secret service
I'm a HUGE history buff, so I was intrigued to find all this out

First, did you know
The day Lincoln was assassinated  he signed
Into office the secret service
At this time the were under the Department of Treasury
Working on counterfeiting cases and money laundering
These were issues Lincoln dealt with at the time
Bill O'Reilly wrote a great book on Lincoln
Get it, it's a great read!!

The SS didn't start protecting the President until
I think it was 1901
Teddy Roosevelt was the first President to have them
For protection

The secret service didn't go under Homeland security
Until after 911

Counterfeiting is bad!!
It screws with our economy
For those of you who aren't financial
I'm a thespian at heart
And my little Gypsy free spirit personality
Can drive my structured, dot your "I's"  cross your "T's"   Man insane
But his character is that of a good man

He's not looking for his women to be his mommy
Define his social status
Or financially take care of him
Like the losers from my past

Being raised poor
And having low self-esteem 
Makes these traits
appealing to the Narcissist of my past

He's like me, doesn't define himself as who he is attached
To someone else
He's been divorced for 10 yrs
So I know he's DEFINITELY Not co-dependent
Like the others
That's important to me not to date a man 
Who jumps from relationship to relationship
When theirs no Bonding with a long term partner
That's not just scary for me
But "Red Flags" for personality disorders 

But anyway, here I am 
In another town 
Renting a chair from a great stylist that wants me to take over 
His business completely when he retires
His shop is charming
And I'm sooo blessed how God puts me where 
I always need to be!!
More later on the town
The good Lord dropped me in!!!
Your just going to die
How did I get soo lucky
Marcello once said to me, "Trac, your not seeing you blessings" 

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