Sunday, June 22, 2014


If your Bum gets any bigger
It's going to need its own web sight
Oh, and those ears.....
Oh my! Please don't wear your hair 
That your ears are exposed!
And your Botox bill... 
Must be a fortune 
Your face is as bad as Joan Rivers
And your not even in your 60's yet
I feel sorry for you
It's obvious your inner self is fuilled by low self-esteem
And your guy.... 
Oh my, obviously you can't do any better
Or you wouldn't be sporting that on your arm
Whats wrong??
No one else wants you...
 Boo Hoo
That's what happens when your personality is that
Of a wet, dirty mop
Leave it to the girls that are pretty and have a wonderful, loving heart
You might learn something

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