Thursday, March 27, 2014


I'm a hairstylist
The beauty industry is my home
So with that said, I take a lot of time 
To be well groomed

What does that mean....
It means my nails are done a pedi is important and my body is waxed. 

Thanks to my girl Carrie Bradshaw
And also spending years in the salon 
Environment I've been waxing since the 

But good old Carrie convinced most of you gals to get a bikini wax

Carrie would proclaim many years ago,
"I feel like I'm nothing but walking sex"

It was this famous statement that would launch many of you into the world of the "Brazilian wax" 

We aren't cavemen anymore. All their hair was important for warmth. Keeping warm is no longer an issue. So get rid of it girls 
Some of you aren't even aware it's sooo not in to have it??!! 

Bare it all....

Besides, I'm about to meet my long distance boyfriend, seems like it's the perfect opportunity to see if grooming everything adds a little pep to my already 
Excited fling

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