Thursday, January 30, 2014


I told you I would get the last laugh 
You can't help but to feel sorry for the new person. 
As deluded as the new supply is, your heart breaks for them. You know the story all too well. 
  He comes on strong, with flowers and flattery. He wins you over by saying things like, " I've never dated anyone as beautiful as you" or "sex has never been this great"
She can't believe her luck and often tells him so.(I use to say those exact words, how did I get soo lucky. That turned out to be a nitemare!)  
  This fills him with smugness because he knows he has her right where  he wants her. 
  It's at this point he can drop the pretense
And let his true self out. It is EXHAUSTING for him to pretend to be something he is not, and the sooner he has her hooked the better. 
  While she is head over heals in love with 
The "Image" of a man who doesn't exist
The abusive behavior will start. Perhaps it will be about her appearance. Small jabs will start, "your wearing outfits that are exposing too much of your beautiful body"
" I don't want someone stealing you away from me" but she should be grateful that he still loves you anyway.
   He now becomes distance and aloof, she 
Becomes lonely and confused. If she dares to confront him he rages and hurls verbal
Insults at her. His abuse may even become physical. 
  This couldn't possibly be the same man she fell in love with and she is right about that. 
   That man is an actor worthy of an Oscar and this is the real deal. 
  I don't envy you, I feel sorry for you. You deserve sooo much better of a man. Women need to support other women. 
  You are smart, beautiful and a wonderful person. You deserve to be with a man that is on your same level. Now wake up!
Throw him to the curb and reach for the stars, your stars. 
  Stop being "co-dependent" always traveling from relationship to relationship.
  Your exposing your low self esteem and your insecurities. What, you can't exist without a man in your life??!! 
  Be strong pretty girl and dump that narcissist to the curb. Your successful, you deserve to be with someone as successful as you. You deserve soo much 

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