Friday, January 31, 2014


Your a nightmare
Counseling wouldn't even help you
You have co-dependent issues
O.C.D. Issues
And you rather ruin your relationship with your children than lose the person your with!
You are sooo mentally unhealthy
It's ALL about you
It always was
Screw everyone else huh???
Ya, that's a healthy mindset
Karma is going to be your biggest bitch
Next to your already ignorant brain
Your just stupid
Someone mentally well would say
"This isn't working for my kids, and they come first!" 
That theory you have, " the kids are going to be gone soon"
That's insane, your children are yours for life! 
You are soo mentally unhealthy 
Your co-dependency has ruined your 
Relationship with your own children
They don't even want to be around your significant other!
Grow up!!
Get mentally healthy 
How dreadful for who your with to know 
Your children can't stand her
I wouldn't even want to date someone who's kids didn't like me
I would know it's just not right
But Po-Dunk ignorance is bliss
And watching your stupidity unfold is very entertaining
You should be embarrassed 
I'm embarrassed over something's  I've done
But I knew I needed to do a change up and fix it
I'm not perfect, but I'm not in denial over my imperfections! I would be the first person to admit them!
Ya, I fugged up, but I'm working on fixing 
That's someone who is mentally healthy 
Narcissism at its best, ya YOU!!!!

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