Friday, January 31, 2014


This story is going to infuriate ever hairstylist on the planet ok here we go...
  I have an X that tells me verbally abusive statements like this one, "All you are is a loser hairdresser" Ya, really! This person doesn't even have a JOB!!! How about this all you wonderful stylist in the world!
Someone is telling us ALL we are all losers I guess!! We will forgive ignorance and write this off as morons just need to KEEP their mouths shut!! I love being a hairdresser, it's my life. I don't want to Ever do anything else!! This person can shuv it, WE LOVE WHAT WE DO!!!! 
I hope this persons hairdresser finds out about this theory the client has and gives this close minded ninny one bad haircut!
Or throws them to the curb. Sorry, I'm not desperate for your money! Lol

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