Sunday, October 20, 2013


I took a chance 3-4 yrs ago
And changed my way of life
I came to New York to follow a dream
I came to New York with a vision
I got so much more

When I first came to the city
I lived with a celebrity hairdresser
And met so many famous people
I was the tv & movie stars stylist

I started ice skating at Chelsea Piers
My coach was a silver medalist from
The United States Olympic team

I  cut Sergey Brin's hair

I still cut & get to mingled with celebrities
Whoever thought my life would go in 
This direction

I eat food I've never heard of or seen before

I met people from all over the world

I started a blog 
And am in the process of writing a book

I have friends that are Pulitzer Prize winners
Famous authors
Famous hairdressers

I got to meet George Soros

I meet everyone
I meet people that are Ambassadors
And working at the UN

I have friends that dance with Madonna

I have friends everywhere

And all from an idea in my head
That stemmed from a dream

I always wanted to live and work
In the most fabulous city in the world

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