Monday, September 30, 2013


Everyday you live in fear
Fear of being alone
Being with no money
Your always attracted to women
Who can take care of you
A mommy
You like having a mommy
Because you never got the attention
You craved as a child
From that mother

So, now as an adult
You gravitate to women
Who treat you like a dog
She says jump 
You say how high 

You don't really love her
But she will do
Because its better than being alone
In your own little insecure, miserable world

It's not even a good fit
But it will do
It feeds your ego, it takes away your insecurities

You don't even care that your own children hate her????!!!

Your a typical stupid, insecure man
And she's a legend in her own mind
Many are laughing

I know, I know, you don't care
Because you think you have such a prize
But if that's a prize
Why is the world stage laughing....

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