Thursday, September 26, 2013


GDmorning, ya know I'm out of the city 
For the next 2 days & here in eastern PA
I live about 45 minutes outside of Philadelphia.
But I don't call it that, we say Philly
Remember that bit of Americana slang
I'm feeding you if you ever move here.

I want to tell you yesterday I met a 
Menois  a twa of people standing
Behind my chair
It's sooo fun
I LUV terrorizing the foreign tourist
With my true American personality
They get the real show with me
They LUV it to
Most of the time they don't understand 
My American slang

Yesterday was international client day
I had a mom & a son from Germany
They were visiting, of coarse 
We got along quiet well
I liked them, they enjoyed me

The only thing with you foreigners
Is you gotta tip
I know it's worked into your bill
At home, but here in the states
The German mom did ask & was sweet
And said "I just want to make sure I got 
This right" 
She was also blonde & pretty of coarse
Us German girls are....
Pssssttt..... My ancestors are German &
The other couple I met live 1/2 a yr in Australia the other 1/2 in California 
She was an older gal & charming as well.
She even said to me when it was confirmed I was to be her stylist,
She wanted me to do her hair
LUV it
My people skills her uncanny
And my sweetness just exhumes 
Into the universe like crazy
I'm always wearing a smile 
And you are always warmly greeted
With that smile & a hand shake
"Welcome, I'm glad you came" is 
What you get from me 
Not condescending bitch
Snotty, cold, callous 
What do you mean I have to look at you?!!

No, with me you get happiness
It's my trademark
Always remember this 
85% of what I do as a stylist is my people
20% my actual technical skills
I am the brand
People go to a business and a stylist
Were they are luved
Feel comfortable
So, give me a call
I wanna be your hairdresser 

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