Sunday, September 29, 2013


My friend who teaches theater
Asked me to go to Theater 80
So last nite we went to see her girlfriend 
Perform Ann Sextons 
God  Is My Typewriter
It was FABULOUS !!!
She was sooo afraid Nora & I would 
Not be pleased
But we LUVED IT!!
Anna-Mari Laulumaa performed 
She is from Finland
She's an actor & a director
She is a certified Psychodrama Practioner

Well anyway it was excellent!!
What a story !!!

Ann Sexton was a Pulitzer Prize 
Winner with her poetry 
She was also your typical creative person
And dealt with mental illness
I don't know what it is with us creative 
But we all posses some form of it
I guess it gives us that push on what we do 
Without it, our thoughts would be soo much different
Maybe not as deep, crazy.....

If I worked on Wall Street
My thoughts might be more analytical
Staunch, math, anal, structured, no
Creativity running through
You know what I mean.....

But thank god
I hate math!!
Or maybe math hates me

Theater 80 is famous for  

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