Friday, June 28, 2013


    Just came home from a gay bar that was having Miss Gay Pennsylvania, the girls all looked sooo
beautiful, well most of them, The hair, the makeup, the dresses soo pretty. Like Barbie, and you all
know how much I luv Barbie!
                I'm grumpy at the moment?? my girlfriend didn't care for my outfit and I just wanted
really to be anywhere else in the world tonight. Wasn't feeling it.
        it just isn't the city. first thing, none of my NYC friends would have EVER said a word to me
about my outfit? No one cares! People accept you for ALL of you, sooo free to be just ME!
      this closed minded society is just not me!! When I'm here I just want to hide away in my house
and stay away from all the anal, condescending, closed minded pee brains around here!!!
     GOOOO away!! far away from meeee.........
                 I think my girlfriend sooo desperately wants to find any guy, she will just continue to
jiggle her way through the Valley. Hopping in & out of bed with a different conquest every few days
till she's made a connection.
               MMMHHh, drives me crazy, learn to luv yourself before you luv someone else.
Learn to be alone. I hate my divorced life!!! Just hate it!!!!
          Sometimes I just miss my old life!! UGH
   Right now I'd be happy if I NEVER had to go to another bar again, other than one in my home!!!
Had enough, sooo over it!!!!

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