Friday, June 28, 2013


       I will be divorced for 5 years this October.
I have experienced a lot of change. New York City transformed me, inspired me, changed me
      Since my divorce I have not found luv again. I found the ability to luv me, for who I am!
My transformation is not complete for my life is not over, the Butterfly has a lot of living to do yet and growing.
       I hope the dark days of my life are behind me. The evil people have been long gone! Their destruction long gone where they are, in the past. Hopefully experiencing their own hell from the karma they may now be receiving from throwing  Evil out into the universe.
       Enjoy your freedom, happiness, change, transformation as you travel through your life.
Divorce has recked havoc on my life, but I will make it through. So will you!!!
        May I someday be blessed with finding true love. I don't want to live in hell anymore, I want piece, love and tranquility all the days of my life. May you as well. Xoxo

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